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bloat help

I personally don’t have much experience with bloat but here are some remedies/treatments that I was taught.


If you have a goat with bloat its leftside (rumen) will be tight and hard.  You will want to relieve the pressure by giving baking soda mixed with a little water to make it soft.  This baking soda ball you can stuff in the goats mouth and it won’t be able to spit it out so it must swallow it.


Rub and massage the rumen area.  If it is a small kid you can hold it and bounce it like you would a colicy baby.


Keep up with the baking soda till you see or hear results.  The goat should start burping passing gas and acting more comfortable.

If this doesn't work in a couple hour period syringe a couple ccs of mineral oil.  You should see results in a matter of hours.  I used 20ccs of mineral oil for an adult ND doe. 


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