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DOB: 3/3/2011

Check links below for full pedigree - Linebreeding on MCH Doe-Sy-Doe FS Victory Flame the 2007 AGS national champion buck

His mom is an awesome milker, great dairy character and over all was the best doe in my herd.  She and I had a personality disagreement so I sold her back to her breeder who loves her.  And I am now keeping her son and one of her daughters. 

Im loving the general appearance of this boy.  His brisket extension is awesome.  Could use to toe a bit more forward in the front.  He has nice rear angulation and width between his hocks.  Blends smoothly from his neck into his shoulders.  And stands with a natural uphill slope. 

Boots is sold and living in Washington State!  www.rebelacres.webs.com

Sire CornerStone Farm Almon *S
dam Noah's Acre's Lola

7 months


Boots' Littermate sister Busy Bee- 7 1/2 months

11 weeks

Dam's udder

Line bred on MCH Doe- Sy- Do FS Victory Flame


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