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Raising and breeding
Nigerian Dwarf goats in NJ

Diet and Water

Goats main diet is roughage.  They need this to keep their bodies in good condition.  Roughage can consist of brush or hay.  Hay if possible should be made available free choice.  If this isn’t a possibility replenish their supply twice daily.


Grain is a supplement to the goats diet.  It is best for does that are pregnant or nursing.  The amount of grain depends on the breed of goat and the amount of milk it is producing (if in milk).  Does require more grain then wethers, bucks while in rutt should have their grain increased to keep them in good condition. 


Check with a local breeder (or ask me for my recommendation) if you would like a specific amount to feed your goats.


You should feed your goats twice a day.  Their dishes should be removed when they are finished eating so that they are not stepped in and dirtied which can lead to them contracting worms or disease.


Clean fresh water should be available 24/7.  Buckets should be dumped and cleaned frequently.  Goats are picky and will not drink water if it is dirty.  Plus dirty water is not healthy for them.


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