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Raising and breeding
Nigerian Dwarf goats in NJ


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Kid Pricing


All pricing is subject to change and I reserve the right to set pricing for individual kids. 


here is a general rule for pricing but check each kid for exact price.


Does: starting at $400.00

Bucks: starting at $300.00

Wethers: $150.00


All kids will be dam raised unless special issues arise.  All kids will be disbudded.  All bucklings will be wethered by 2 months of age unless requested as bucks. 

Please read our policies (below) for deposit and waiting list terms.



Please read carefully

All kids are disbudded and Dam-raised if at all possible.  No kids will leave the farm until they are eating grain and hay.  This is approximately 8-12 weeks of age.

If you see a breeding on my website that you would like to request a kid from you may make your request and a deposit can be made once the kid/s are born.

The animal only belongs to the buyer once final payment and pick up (or drop off) is made.  All buyers will pay a non-refundable deposit of half the price of each animal they desire, if you choose to back out of the sale you will forfeit your deposit.  No animal will be paid for in full until it is picked up. Final payment is to be in cash. I am sorry no checks will be accepted for final payment.  No animal will be picked up unless I am present. We maintain the right to choose to retain any animal at any time until final payment is made. (If the kid chosen becomes unavailable due to illness or End of the Line Farm chooses to retain it for our herd the deposit will be refunded or transferred to another kid of the buyer’s choice.)

If the said animal is not picked up by the date specified in the deposit agreement the animal is then released back to End of the Line Farm and maybe put back up for sale at their convenience unless an agreement for another date is reached by both parties, there is a signed agreement for this new date and another non-refundable deposit is paid.

The buyer agrees to prove that the animal will be provided with proper food, water, shelter, minerals as well as loving attention in its new home.

The buyer also agrees to allow myself to visit the buyers property, if asked, to ensure all housing and pen requirements are met and to allow myself to do this at anytime before the sale if final to ensure a happy and healthy life for the animal.

We are sorry but we cannot be responsible for the health of our goats once they leave our farm. The stress of moving & other environmental factors can have unpredictable effects on animals, especially young goat kids. If a vet finds the fault of this animal to have resulted from our care, we will work with you to resolve this matter.



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