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I basically journaled about Angie's 2009 pregnancy



As I gather information during my goats pregnancies each time around I will be adding tid bits of information on what works for me and pictures of the different stages of pregnancy.




Aspen in heat

This picture is from Aspen's, NOT the greatest picture of one of her heats, she is normally much more red when in standing heat.


Standing heat refers to when the doe will stand for the buck to be bred.  He may breed her a few times.

2 months along

Aspen has hit the 2 month mark.  No noticeable change in belly size yet but that will come in the next month.  I have upped her grain to 1 cup morning and night. 

I have been checking her udder since before she was in heat so I would notice when it starts to develop.  And about 2 weeks ago I felt just the ever so slight lump.  So we are making progress. :)

Belly pics at 3 months


Destiny at aprox 3 months along  She carries "out"







Aspen carries more in depth then in width.  But I need to get new pictures of her because in the last week or so she has really started to show her pregnancy.  here she is at aprox 3 months along.

 Her udder is about the size of an orange.  It is hard to see because of all her winter coat.  When it gets closer to her kidding date I maybe able to see her udder more.


Here is Aspen at day 140 (gestation is aprox 150 days)

This is Destiny - note her right side, that is were you see the kids the most (left side is mosty rumen)

Aspen's Udder

here is Aspen's udder at 140 days.  She is a first freshioner.



Flicka is at aprox 140 days.

Here she is on May 20th


and here she is June 5th.


The change you see is what we call "dropping"  which is when the doe "drops" the kids and prepares them for delivery.  This can happen as early as 4 weeks before delivery or as late as the hours right before.  Knowing your doe will help you determin how soon she will go.  Flicka is a first freshioner so everything is new and I am logging everything for next year.  :D

Checking Ligaments

Have you heard someone say "check her ligaments to see if they are gone"  but have no idea what that means?  here are some pictures and videos to give you an idea of how to check for ligaments.

The misconception with checking for ligaments in a doe is that if you can reach around a does tail the ligaments are gone.  This is incorrect

Description on how to check for ligaments:

the ligaments are pencil like rods that run down the rump area to the tail. They form an upside down V if looking from the butt of the goat. You feel in a DOWNWARD motion - dont try and squeeze around, this will give you a false indication on "loose" ligaments.

As the ligaments loosen during prelabor they "fall down"(like a clothes line sags as it gets used) and become harder and harder to feel. The rump becomes less rigid and when you feel down for the ligaments it only feels "mushy" under the skin. The area of the birth canal is now ready for the kids to pass through.

Check the video and pictures.

Checking on a doe in prelabor


Checking a doe whos ligaments are gone (or just about)

here is a good visual of the rump of a goat whos ligaments are "gone"

Note how sunk in the area is around the tail

Sadie - 2011 note the indentations around the tail head - her ligaments are what we consider "gone" 

Here are some videos of how to check for ligaments but on a doe who is not pregnant or close to kidding

How to check for ligaments

Ligaments on an open doe



Udder is filling and a discharge has started


This is Sadie in 2011 second freshening

This is how her pooch looks for a mild contraction- notice how sunk in it looks

Stronger contraction

Zoomed in to see pooch better

Notice how high her rear is in this picture and how "posty" her legs look - this is a good contraction.  She started pushing just a minute later

Pushing - a doe should not push like this for more then 30 min with no progress. 

Resting between pushes

Calling to kids

Here is a video of Mia.  She was a couple hours from kidding.  Notice the "bleating"  sound she is making.  Does will start sounding like this as they get closer to kidding.  She is talking to her kids.  Sometimes a doe will nip at their sides as well as talking to their sides.

Talking Video



Here she is in the first stages of labor.  Kid/s should arrive with in the hour or less.  If not you will need to assist

Active labor

Here is Mia in active labor.  Watch as her body tenses with the contraction as well as her leg stretches out.  Some does will be much more forceful with their contractions while others like Mia will be more suble and quite.

Contraction Video


Birthing Video

This video is graphic

Flicka had difficulties so I had to assist.

Birth Video

A birth

This is a thread on my goat forum www.thegoatspot.net

Goat Birth

Fetal development

Note the weight mentioned at birth is for a dairy breed.  Pygmies will weight between 2-5lbs at birth.


Labor signs etc

This is not my information but I have found it very helpful.

Stages of Labor and more

Video of birth from YouTube

Goat birth from YouTube

--Note this is not one of my goats, and I do not know the person who did the video--


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