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I use the "Shear Magic" Hoof Trimmer from Jeffers Supply.  I just bought them and after 11 years of using pruning shears these trimmers are WONDERFUL!

Trimming Destiny's hooves


The hoof before trimming

Trimming the hoof wall

Taking off a bit of the tip

Trimming the frog or heal area (note there isn't much to take off, that happens, don't dig in to trim some off)

Trimming the frog and all done!

Trimming Aspen's hooves

First I tie her up to eat.  Then I straddle her facing the direction of her rear.(picture is for back hoof trimming)

Next I clip the walls and frog of one clove of the hoof. (note this is a front hoof)

One clove done

on to the other (note my knees are squeezing in to hold her still)

Trimming the frog or the heal of the hoof (this is a back hoof)

Another picture of the straddle (for front hoof trimming)

How much should be cut off?

Ok so people ask - well how much is to much? what should a hoof look like?

So here are some before and after pictures to give you an idea

Goats are standing in a natural stance and I got up close to the hoof and took pictures.

Before (back hoof)

After (same back hoof)

Before clipping back hoof

During clipping

Before (front hoof)

After - same hoof

Before - front hoof

After- front hoof


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