End of The Line Farm

Raising and breeding
Nigerian Dwarf goats in NJ

Housing Needs

The housing needs will vary depending on the number of goats you have, the breed of goats you have and if you plan on breeding or not.


For two mini goats a simple dog igloo or dog house will work.  Make sure there is some kind of bedding (straw or hay is my preferred bedding) and they will do great.  Make sure it is big enough for two goats to move around comfortably inside.  A larger breed will not do so well in such conditions because they don’t make the dog houses big enough on average.


It is best to make sure whatever their shelter is, that it has three sides, a place for hay and nice bedding.  You may find your goats sleeping outside in the nice warmer months but they will greatly appreciate the shelter from the wind, rain, sleet, snow and ice in the winter time.


If you do a 3 sided lean-to style try to make the open away from the east wind especially if you are in an area that gets really cold in the winter.


If you have predators (wild or domestic –ie your neighbors dog) make your shelter so that it can be closed up at night to keep the goats safe.


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