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A friend of mine called me up and said something was wrong with their black pygmy doe.  This started me on a journey to find out what I could do to help these girls.

Her son wasn't as interested in caring for them as one might hope so they are in need of a good diet and some TLC.  There was also a 3rd doe, a dairy goat, which died from unknown causes.  This upset the family and they realized that they needed to find another home for their remaining 2 goats and 1 sheep.  I had been helping them the best I could so they asked me if I wanted the goats.  I of course said YES and once we found a home for the sheep I brought them home. 

I will start them both on fastrack gel for a few days and then continue with the powder.  This should give their systems a good boost and help them put weight on before the real cold temperatures hit.  We have thankfully had a mild winter so far.

I wormed both on the 15th of December 2006 but will be getting a fecal done to make sure we got any worms they may have had.

Update 2/2/07

They are doing very well.  Flicka came very skittish and was the one in most need of care.  She is still far from 100% but I am happy with her progress.  What a personality she will have once tame. 

Update 3/4/07
Both girls are putting on weight and I am happy to say that I feel comfortable putting Misty up for sale.  I am going to keep Flicka at least for the time being.  She is still in need of putting weight on.

Update 4/14/07

Flicka has some kind of skin fungus or maybe it is mites.  I have started to treat her for mites and will be starting treating her with iodine on the bare spots to help fight any fungus.  I believe this is something she developed before I got her, and I am just noticing it because it is getting worse.  Her belly and one of her legs is hairless. 

Update June 2007

Looks like She was just having a serious issue with dry skin.  I gave her Aloe Vera Juice along with spot treating her topically with the iodine and within a couple weeks her hair was growing back. 

Update July 2007

After kidding she took a while to shed out.  Suddenly she was turning baled!  I revered back to the skin issue and started her again on Aloe Juice.  It seems to be working

Update July 28, 2007

Her hair is growing back!!! Wahoo!  She never went total baled though I feared for it.  Aloe Juice is GREAT!  It also helped Misty who was loosing hair on her face.

Update August 11, 2007

both does are doing so well that once they wean their bucklings I can happily (with tears) send them off to their new home where they will be loved and cared for.  I am so pleased!  Flicka has put on the pounds!  She doesn't look like the same goat.  Misty shedded out beautifully and also put on weight.  Both does look AWESOME if I may say so. 

Update October 2007

The girls sale fell through, can't say that I am sad.  So they are staying here. :D 

Update November 2007

I plan to breed Misty in January and Flicka in the spring.  Both does are doing so well I am so excited.  This is the way you want a rescue to end. :D  Misty is extremely friendly now while Flicka has made great strides but is still leery of me at times.  She likes it when I am in the pen now though.  She is more of a loner and her cute little face looking up at me melts my heart.  I let her do all sorts of things I don’t let the others. 

Update May 2008

Both does were bred.  Flicka had triplets and Misty a single that unfortunatly didn't make it.  I am pleased to report that both does are now happy in new homes.  Their new "mommies" are thrilled to have them and Flicka especially is so much better off in her new home then here.

So ends this story.....



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