End of The Line Farm

Raising and breeding
Nigerian Dwarf goats in NJ

Some services I offer

Hoof Trimming

  • $15.00 per goat

Castration by Elastration for Kids

  • $5.00 per kid
    • Kids must be under 2 months of age.


  • I will teach you how to properly disbud your kids. Contact me for details.
  •  $10.00 per goat - you must provide your own letters/numbers 
  • $35.00 per goat (extra charge for unruly goats as well as for bucks)
    • Will provide my own tools but will need electricity hook up and extension cord.
    • for $5.00 extra you can get a hoof trimming to complete the fit out of your goat.

What You Need to Know

  • Trimming shears will be disinfected with alcohol in between farms. I want my animals to stay healthy as well as yours.
  • Please call or email at least 1 week in advance.
  • I will not do aggressive animals!
  • If they’re hard to catch or hold, I expect help- time spent chasing or trying to restrain goats will be charged! My time & yours is important, right?
  • If you have a stinky buck, please tell me ahead of time so I can be sure not to have plans that may offend other’s sense of smell for the rest of the day!
  • There is a $15.00 minimum charge for anything, this is to cover gasoline and my time.
  • There will be a gas charge for those outside of my town - I live in Vineland, NJ
Goat sitting: 
Adding an additional service new for 2015.  

I can hand milk or machine milk. Must be within 30 min of me (I'm in Vineland NJ). And be ok with me bringing my 1 year old son along.

Willing to help with one feeding/milking or a longer stretch like a week. Don't feel like you can't go away on vacation or have to dry up your does so someone less experienced can "throw hay" at the goats while you are gone. (Believe me I know how this is, I've been there)

My herd is disease tested but I wouldn't wear my barn shoes in your barn etc.

Will charge by the hour.  There is also a .55 cent per mile charge for travel. 

To Ask Questions or Set Up an Appointment

  • Email me. Please put “Hoof Trimming” or something that implies what you need in the subject line. stacey . rosado 85@gmail.com (take out spaces) 

My Qualifications

I have been raising goats for over 19 years. I've been showing goats for 9 years.  



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