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Why A Wether?

First off what is a wether?  A wether is a castrated male goat.  He will not stink like a buck nor will he go into rutt. 


Why you say do a lot a breeders recommend a wether as a pet?  I personally receive many e-mails with requests for does or doelings just for pets.  They don’t want to breed but want a friendly goat that will be a nice companion.


For people like that I suggest a wether.  Why you say?  Because wethers tend to be friendlier then does, are very loyal and are just like a doe basically because they do not have any of their male undesirable traits.  They also are in a way better to have around if you don’t like to deal with a doe in heat (check out detecting a doe in heat for more information). 


I have one wether and he follows me everywhere, is not as ornery as my does and requires a lot less work.  Of course I am not breeding him so that cuts down on my work load with him, but that is just my point.  He is able to be a pet, plain and simple.


Wethers require a lot less food then a doe or buck.  A handful of grain twice a day plus hay is all they need (check out diet/water for more information).


So if you are looking just for a pet or a companion for your doe a wether, or two, is just perfect. 


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