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Ducks of EOTL

In Spring 2020 a young duckling was in need of a new home, so we took it in.  And so the poor thing wouldnt be alone we added two more ducklings.  And surprise surprise all three turned out to be females!

Introducing the ducks of End of the Line Farm.  We are excited to have duck eggs again in spring 2021


Matilda aka Tilly


Jasmine or Jaz


Chickens of EOTL

In Spring 2020 we raised our first chicks here at the farm.  Decided to stick to 4 and let the other 5 go to my parents.  But chicken math happened and we purchased 4 more pullets, aquirred 1 from our neighbor and purchased 3 bantams for our son for his birthday in the fall.  

Its been a blessing to have our own fresh eggs. And we are hopeful to have some extra to sell in the spring.  

Alaina chickens.jpg
Liam bantams.jpg
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