Junior Does

EOTL B Escada 

Escada aka "Squeaks" is one of the quints born.  She was my husbands first delivery alone.  Squeaks suffered from digestive issues early on and along with being the runt to begin with is behind her siblings in size but is catching up. 

Escada is due Feb 8th as a FF

Dam; End of The Line CocoChanel VVVV 87

Sire is EOTL Blackjack *B

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EOTL MF Amidala

Amidala showed well as a junior in 2018 we look forward to her kidding in spring 2019

Dam: EOTL FA Espionage VVVV 87

Sire: Lady Walkers Millennium Falcon

EOTL I Wanna B That Song

Brennan Finally gave me a doe kid.  Song is just so gorgeous. Her sire is One Fine Acre Gallant *B and I am stoked to have a doe from this breeding.  

EOTL CS Crown Jewels

Jewel is one of my most promising Card Shark doe kids.  I am so pleased with her.  

Dam: EOTL Diamonds are Forever 1*M V+VE 87

Sire: Top Hat Farm Card Shark *B

EOTL B Honey Trap

Honey is another Blackjack kid I tried twice to sell but couldn't. She reminds me of her granddam SGCH End of the Line Brennan so much.  We look forward to her kidding in 2019

Dam: EOTL FA Espionage VVVV 87

Sire: EOTL Blackjack *B

EOTL G Aurora Borealis

Aurora had a rough start so has been a bottle kid.  She is of course full of personality.  We are excited to see how she matures. 

Dam: Top Hat Farm Q Capella 

Sire: One Fine Acre Gallant *B

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