2019 Kidding Schedule

Occasionally we have adult does available after kidding. Please contact us to be placed on a waiting list.  

Air shipping of kids available.  Buyer is responsible for all costs associated with shipping.  We fly out of Philadelphia International and prefer American Airlines. You are looking at an estimated cost including crate, health certificate and airfair in the 350-400.00 range.  Specific price depends on size of crate and total weight of goat and crate.  We can ship two in the same crate as long as the total weight of kids is under 40 pounds. 

Diamond X Gallant

A very nice solid breeding pair.  Polled possible

K1- Polled buck - roaned buckskin with white - reserved

K2 -Polled buck - Roaned buckskin - available

K3 -Polled buck, Gold and white - available 

K4- horned buck - retained

$650 doe $500 buck

Espionage X Blackjack

Should be some amazing kids from this cross.  Espionage earned a reserve senior champion as a FF yearling!

K5 - Buckskin buck - Available as buck or wether

$550 doe $400 buck

Jewel X Gallant

polled possible 

Jewel is the second daughter of EOTL Diamonds are Forever 1*M V+VE to kid.  Card Shark put his stamp on her and we know that these kids from Gallant will be great. 

Jewel is a tad wild so we wouldn't mind selling kids as bottle fed.  

$400.00 does - bucks TBD

Escada X Gallant

Polled possible. 

Escada aka Squeaks is the full sister to EOTL B Vera.  Vera was first place yearling milker a couple times.  We expect great things from Escada and Gallant. 

Escada is for sale after kidding - reserved Ciera

Does $400.00- bucks TBD

Belle X Gallant

repeat breeding from last year.  Polled, blue eyes and moonspots possible

may retain a buck or doe.  

Belle showed very well as a yearling milker in 2018.  

1st buck BE reserved Kim D.

Doe $450 bucks $350

Vera X Gallant

Polled possible 

Vera is a stunning doe and has done really well as a yearling FF in the ring

does $450.00 - bucks $350

Amidala X Gruyere

Amidala showed very well as a junior in 2018.  We look forward to her kidding as a FF this year.  

First doe retained 

Black possible 

To keep numbers low Amidala will likely be for sale if she kids a doe for us to retain

Does - $400.00 bucks TBD

Song X Gruyere

Song is our retained doe from our SGCH End of the Line Brennan 1*M VVVE and One Fine Acre Gallant *B 

Polled possible - kids will be bottle fed as Song is wild and we don't want that from her kids 

Does $450.00 Bucks TBD

Honey & Gruyere

Another doe from EOTL Blackjack *B to kid.  We are excited to see how the pairing with Espionage turns out.  

Honey is a tad wild so kids maybe bottle fed.  

Honey maybe for sale after kidding -500.00

Does 400.00 Bucks TBD

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