2021 Kidding Schedule

Occasionally we have adult does available after kidding. Please contact us to be placed on a waiting list.  

Air shipping of kids available.  Buyer is responsible for all costs associated with shipping.  We fly out of Philadelphia International and prefer American Airlines. You are looking at an estimated cost including crate, health certificate and airfair in the 350-400.00 range.  Specific price depends on size of crate and total weight of goat and crate.  We can ship two in the same crate as long as the total weight of kids is under 40 pounds. 


Diamond X Gruyere


3 bucks

1 doe

Maizy X Cash

Polled possible​

Does: 425

bucks: 300

Wether: 150

Kidded: 1 doe available and 1 buck available (both polled)

Song X Cash

polled possible

Does: 500

Bucks 400

wethers 150

Kidded: 3 does (1DOA) 1 buck (Polled)

Belle X Jack

polled blue eyes, moonspots possible

Does: 450

Bucks: 300

Wether: 150

Kidding Single doe kid

Aurora X Gruyere 

Does: 450

Bucks: 350

Wether: 150

kidded 2 bucks 1 doe


Ray X Cash

Does: 400

Bucks: 300

Wether: 150

Due March 22nd 2021

Daisy X Cash

blue eyes possible

Does: 400

Bucks: 300

Wether: 150

Due March 2nd 2021