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Meant To Be Here

This is the life I was meant to live.

I grew up in a homestead lifestyle. But strayed away from it for a time. And as we have grown our family and lived on this property for the past 7 years we slowly are transforming this useless piece of property to something beautiful. No it is not landscaped or beautiful in that way. But it IS feeding our family and that is what is beautiful.

I've recently taken the time to talk with others to help me see how to maximize our 2 acres and see the potential even in the complex design of the layout. I've dreamed and I've planned. Ordered seeds and asked my mother for plants when she thins hers. Moving an growing the garden, adding a pumpkin patch, expanding the goat pens, researching different meat chickens for our situation. The list goes on. Next up is reading all the new books I got on cheesemaking. Its a little intimidating but I am also excited that I can share what I learn here in this space too.

Yes we will add flowers and cute charming accents along the way to the property.

But the main focus here is production. Having a fruitful harvest of, milk, cheese, meat and veggies.

I'm really excited for 2021 and our future. Its going to be hard work. It will not be overnight. But the rewards will be great.

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