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Morning Reflections

Reposting from Instagram 1/16/21

Really grouchy this morning. Snapped at Julio. Cried, complained. Went to put myself together and the toddler woke up. I overfilled my coffee. And as I wa

s watching it over flow I was reminded of the verse "my cup overflows."

Like my life really is blessed. It really is over following with goodness. Yet I'm focusing on the "I'm tired because the toddler doesn't sleep until the wee hours of the morning, the goats always need me, I'm the only one who can tube this kid...."

And while that is hard I need to switch my focus and focus on the good, I did get ~5 hours of sleep. The goat kids are surviving and they will thrive. So here's to a good day. And lots of coffee!

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