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Underestimate Me, That'll Be Fun

Underestimate me.....that'll be fun

My mom gave me a shirt with this on it and said "it's so you"

I've always been the type to march to my own drum.

I raised goats before it was cool to do so. I said I would live like the little house on the prairie, not quite there but we learn more each day. I decided I wouldn't marry an immature guy and was told I'd be waiting forever. Believe me he was worth the wait!

This blog I've tried to start for many years but never felt I could be a blogger. I didn't fit the mold. I didn't have anything worth saying. My writing skills are to lacking. I'm not funny. I'm to practical. But I've been told over and over again I have something worth telling, I have inspired people and I didn't do anything but BE ME. So this saying is more for myself then a warning for others, it is to remind me that I shouldn't underestimate myself, because I have something to offer and its beautiful and worth telling.

So this won't be anything like what you are use to most likely. I'm going to be unapologetically me and that may look like goat care tips, baking, a project we are working on, cheesemaking or homeschooling, because life on our farm is all of this. So here is everything and anything that I feel like because I refuse to be squashed into a mold and nor should you!

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